Faye Bourret

Licensed Agent
Specializing in Long Term Care Insurance Solutions

Petaluma, CA
Also Licensed in: AZ, CA, IA, KS, NE, NJ, PA, TN, UT, VA

Main Phone: 760-583-3451
Email: faye.bourret@ltcfp.net

Specializing exclusively in long term care planning for individuals and spousal/significant other discounts; executive carve out and employee/worksite applications providing underwriting concessions and group rates; tax qualified and state partnership plans where available.


IRS Deductions

2014 IRS write-offs for business and individuals

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Caregivers At Risk Health

Gallup - In U.S,. Caregivers suffer from poorer physical health

Gallup study

Individuals & Businesses

2013 IRS writeoffs for consumers and business entities

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Higher Rates

States rolling out higher rates (40 - 50%) for women

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About LTC Partners & Insurance Services, LLC

LTC Partners & Insurance Services is a licensed insurance agency that specializes in Long Term Care Insurance solutions. Our company is comprised of state certified long term care solution specialists, and is one of the nation's largest long term care insurance agencies. Our mission is to provide you with excellent service, helpful advice and useful resources about long term care insurance solutions.

Our company, along with Faye Bourret, represents the nation's top long term care insurance carriers, including John Hancock, MedAmerica, Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica and others. Faye is available to consult with you on available products and provide quotes based on your individual needs. Our compensation structure is intended to pay agents the same amount no matter which insurance company is chosen. This way our clients know that our agents have objectively selected the company that meets their needs.

We Provide Unbiased, Side-by-side Comparisons
Of the Leading Carriers in Your State
With Experts Specializing in Long Term Care Solutions!

LTC Partners & Insurance Services passion is to provide our clients with the best long term care insurance solutions, customized to meet their needs.

Get a Quote Here or Call Faye Bourret at 760-583-3451 to review available LTCI DISCOUNTS that may be available in your state.

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